Thursday, 2 February 2012

Understanding the basics of Email Appending

What is Email Appending?

It is the process of matching a customer database that lacks e-mail addresses with a third party’s address database with a view to append the missing information to the client database.

How is Email Appending done?

Email Appending is done when an organization that has a customer database containing names, postal address, or telephone numbers wants to kick-off email communication with its clients.

The organization hires an email appending services provider, who owns a huge database, to append the email addresses to their database.

The third party email appending services will match the prospect list with their database and add their accurate email address to the database. Appending involves manual and automated process.

After the appending process, permission is sought from the prospects to send emails to them, also known as opt-in emails. The purpose of permission is to make sure the email address is active and the prospect is interested to receive emails from the organization.

Why Email Appending is done?

1.      To make the email campaigns faster and crisp
2.      To reduce the cost of lost data
3.      To reach wider audience
4.      Better marketing results
5.      Enhanced customer service.

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