Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Are you following 1999 email writing style, still?

Email Marketing Changes Ahead

We all know internet is spreading like wild fire in the forest. There are many developments in the internet and changes in style of email marketing. Now, the best practices are no best and not even evergreen. When email marketing was a dude then the strategies followed will not work now, they are outdated or woeful.

To analyze where you land on the strategies, we have laid compare and contrast point:

Ñ    List Building: In way back 1999 opt-in list but not CAN-SPAM policy. It was only about quantity and not the quality in those years. Marketers grabbed the contacts from everywhere they could. But, today we look more of quality than quantity. The contacts are not grabbed but they are verified at every stage. We are careful about the content we send to our clients because of spam threats.

Ñ    Subject Lines: The important aspect of email marketing is subject line. The creative and catchy the subject line the more the open rates. If the subject line includes words like Discount, Free, Offer, Important, etc. will mark your emails as spammed and thrown into the trash box.

Ñ    Measurement and Analysis: Earlier basic metrics like open, clicks, conversions and unsubscribe ruled our analysis. But now our metrics have dived deeper with metrics like reach, average order value (AOV), and revenue per email address (RPE). 


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